Healthy Vending Machines New York City
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Healthy Vending Machines in New York City

Healthy Vending Machines from Balanced Vending offer nutritious alternatives to your average NYC vending machines, with more than 1,000 healthy snack and beverage choices. A perfect food solution for businesses, offices, hotels, gyms, schools, and colleges, our vending machines can be placed free of charge in your space.

Our machines offer an exclusive selection of healthy, natural, and organic items for your employees or patrons. Healthy vending options mean your employees feel better and get more work done; your patrons stay refreshed and spend more time at your business, and your students maintain a balanced diet.

Healthy vending machines keep your employees in top shape, allowing your business to enjoy less down time due to employee illness. In short, Balanced Vending's healthy food solutions help you save money while enhancing your profits.

Call today at (718) 844-0267 or email us at for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment and start offering tasty, organic & healthier alternatives tomorrow!

NYC Vending Services for Free

Our New York City vending services provide you with free healthy snack machines that are frequently maintained, chilled, and restocked. No cash? No problem! Our healthy vending machines accept credit and debit cards, giving your employees easy access to our premium snacks and beverages, even when they are low on cash. We handle the entire installation process, allowing you to sit back and relax while your healthy vending machine is stocked, chilled, and ready to go!

Healthy Snack Machines for Healthy Living

Healthy snack machines help your employees stay lean, active, focused, and in great shape. Rather than stocking junk food items, our vending machines will keep you healthy with organic juices, teas, coconut water, baked chips and granola bars.

Each machine can be stocked with your choice of healthy items and will be delivered, installed, and maintained free of charge. There is no price on healthy living, which is why Balanced Vending is happy to provide you with energy efficient vending machines for free!