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About our healthy New York vending machines

Balanced Vending is a New York City vending machine operator, specializing exclusively in deliciously healthy snacks and beverages. Our goal is to help New Yorkers snack smarter with a unique variety of healthier food and drinks that are low in sodium, sugar, and fat. With our tasty snack options, our natural vending machines will increase your corporate health and help your employees feel better, be more productive, and experience less sick time. We work hard to fit our customers' needs through our expert quality service and care. Choose Balanced Vending for a healthy and organic snacking alternative!


  • Free state of the art vending machines

  • Free sampling events for customers, employees, students

  • Fully insured to earn your confidence



Why healthy vending machines?

Healthy vending machines promote nutritious snacking experiences for employees, students, customers, or gym members. Its eco-friendly, energy-efficient design uses cellular technology, which provides real-time reporting so we can stay on top of low selections to restock quickly!


Balanced Vending provides top of the line service to you three different ways:


  • We do it all. We manage your vending program without you even having to think about it.

  • Management from the customer. You offer input along with Balanced Vending's input.

  • "We Do It Together." We organize a voting campaign within your company where your staff votes on what premium products they want available in your vending machines.



Installation of vending machines for no expense to location

When you order one of our free vending machines, our team handles the entire delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the machine with no hidden fees or service charges. We also update the free vending machines with your choice of over 1,000 of our healthy and natural products.


Our New York City vending services cover:

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

If you are looking for a healthy vending machine in the metropolitan area, you've come to the right place!

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